Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take to get a loan?

Most new customers get QUICK CASH in about 15 minutes or less and existing customers in about 5 minutes or less.

How much can I borrow?

Your loan amount depends on your income. We offer Installment Payday Loans up to $2,400* and Title Loans up to $4,000*. Please
stop in today or give us a for further information on how much you can borrow today.

Why should I choose Quick Cash of Illinois instead of a competitor?

Unlike our competition, we are a family owned business. We know you have a busy life and want to get you in and out quickly. With
thousands of satisfied customers, we are here to help you get the QUICK CASH you need.

Do I need to have a good credit score?

No. We do not use your credit score as a basis for our loans. We want to give you the most money we can for your situation and
income. All of our decisions are made in our office and not dictated by a big corporation like many of our competitors.

Do I have to come into the store to get the loan?

Yes. However, by completing the Online Application you will make the process much quicker. Typically, it takes about 15 minutes or
less for the first loan and about 5 minutes for existing customers.

How do I know you will keep my information private?

Your privacy is our concern. We will never share your information with another party unless you have given us authorization. We
must follow all federal and state laws including the Federal Privacy Act. Please view our Privacy Policy

Have more questions? Call Terri in Swansea at 618.235.3636 or Ashley in Highland at 618.651.1600 or Angie in Jerseyville
at 618.498.9008 or Heather in Waterloo at 618.939.9797.
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*Disclaimer-Loans available to Illinois/Missouri residents 18 years or older only. Subject to approval. Restrictions apply.
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